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Howdy Age of Conan Players,

The Clan of the Evening Wolf is a group of Mercenaries made up of GLBT friendly folks who just want a place they can relax and be themselves.  The guild members have come and gone a few times, much like the population of Age of Conan comes and goes.

The Leader of this Clan is Kveldulfr, an Assassin of Aquilion.  He has been leading the guild, off and on, for the last two years.  With many server merges, changes to the game, and an expansion in the works, the population fluxuates a great deal.  Still anyone who needs a home in our clan is welcome.  Just follow the general golden rule when dealing with others.  CEW is overall a social guild as we lack any real numbers to progress in player combat or raiding.  People are free to move characters around as they like.

Anyhow feel free to say hello :) The main goal is to just provide a comfortable setting for folks to chat in and, when the numbers and people allow, some general groping ... err grouping :-)  Even if you don't want to join please feel free to say hello if you see Kveldulfr online.  I always like to chat.

Kveldulfr, the Evening Wolf of Tortage

How to use Directional Shielding

Butchmor69, Jul 13, 09 3:33 PM.
Found this cool article about how directional shielding works.  Now I do not know how true it is as I have not had time to test it.  But figured I would share:

The "Big Patch" is live!

Butchmor69, Jul 13, 09 3:11 PM.
So they have released the mega-patch for AoC in the hopes of adjusting the game in balance and make it more fun for everyone.  It is a delicate balance they have to achieve.  I am still trying it out myself to see if I like it.  Visit the AoC website for complete details.
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